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About Our Curriculum And Policies

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The curriculum we use throughout our center focuses on the importance of a dual language learning enrichment with the support of major core categories of Early Childhood Education; Art, Literacy, Music , Movement, Math, and Language.

Our curriculum is designed to master skills needed for entering elementary school. The curriculum is balanced with monthly themes, letters, numbers and obtainable goals matching the child-monitoring system called Ages & Stages used in the pediatric clinic by Paul H. Brooks Publishing Co, with a child-directed curriculum done on a weekly basis.

Each distinct area is designed to facilitate learning, is developmentally appropriate for your child’s age, and is fun so your child will want to participate and learn.

TDLD also focuses on providing the classrooms with a bilingual English/Japanese environment. The curriculum is delivered in both English and Japanese daily as each classroom is staffed with an English model teacher as well as a Japanese model teacher.

Policies most commonly requested by parents (Full List available on site):

Students who have met the developmental criteria to move to the next classroom will be moved forward based on age (in order of birth date) relative to the other students currently in their classroom, without exception.  TDLD does not permit classroom skipping or changing classrooms out of order due to parental preferences.

In accordance with Department of Education rules for childcare centers in Oregon, TDLD teachers cannot keep children awake or asleep for a set amount of time. TDLD teachers must follow the needs of the child while at the center.

TDLD discourages any food from home due to allergy concerns of several students and difficulties controlling this issue.  However, if student food restrictions are too difficult for our chef’s to meet, or cannot meet parental expectations, there is a $125 per month service charge per student, in addition to regular tuition, in order to have externally supplied food or drink served at the center. All food or drink brought by parents has to meet all of the following criteria: 1. Must be labeled with all ingredients, 2. Must be sealed in original container. 3. Planned service date must be before expiration dates. 4. Must be prepared in a commercial kitchen and labeled as such. 5. Cannot contain any nuts or be processed in a facility that processes nuts.