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With preschoolers, it is important to design their environment based on daily routines and a schedule that creates a sense of order. At TDLD, we strive to take the children’s interests first and equip the preschool classrooms with toys and materials to help them learn. The rooms are made up of many interest areas for which children rotate free choice play depending on their interests. The preschool children work independently as the materials are labeled and grouped for participation in clean up and caring for their classroom.

It is in the preschool classroom where children begin learning basic writing, reading, and simple math in both English and Japanese through creative and fun activities.  You will be impressed how much and how quickly they learn.  TDLD also believes in importance of daily physical activity.  Children who engage in sustained physical activity at school tend to engage better in their educational environment. Our preschool daily schedule includes plenty of directed and free active play to get them moving.  No wonder we have such a bright and healthy group of preschoolers!