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The Doctors Luce Daycare, LLC (TDLD) Go-Home Meals Policy:

Go-home Meals begin on November 30th, 2015. No meals on any days TDLD is closed including those for severe weather or holidays. We apologize, but only TDLD customers and staff are eligible for participation in the Go-Home Meals program. Call 503-713-5330 for customer service and ask for the chef.

Meals can be ordered on our website or in person through the kitchen staff. Both the website and the kitchen entrance will have the current month’s menu posted and every effort will be made to keep this up to date. Front desk staff and daycare management cannot take payments or deal with requests related to the Go-Home Meal Program. Only credit card/debit card or check can be used to pay for meals, no cash please. Unused meals are not refundable. Meals must be ordered by 10:00 AM of the day of pickup in order to receive the meal for the day. All policies are subject to change and will be posted at the kitchen entrance as an amendment.

Meal Provision For Food Allergies

We will do our best to account for Food Allergies/Sensitivities or requested omissions (food sensitivity), with a vegetarian option each day the menu is not already vegetarian. However, some meals cannot be adjusted due to the nature of the main component of the dish, so some days food sensitivity cannot be accommodated. Please speak directly to the Chef before ordering any meals to verify it can be made to suit your particular food sensitivity needs. If it is not verified with the Chef, no refund will be made for food ordered and then later it is realized that the food contains a food sensitivity that cannot be consumed. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure this mistake does not occur by speaking with the Chef in advance of the order being made.

If the Chef does verify the food sensitivity and makes this mistake, the next day’s meal will be provided as a substitute and will be prepared properly for the food sensitivity. If there is still time in the day, the Chef will attempt to substitute that same day if possible. Oral apology will be given as well.

Discounted Meal Plans

If a pre-approved container is brought by 10:00 AM or sooner the day the meal is to be prepared a $1.00 discount per meal will be applied. This discount can only be received when paying kitchen staff directly. On our website, there will NOT be an option to get the container discount. This difference will not be refunded if a pre-approved container is brought after the online order is placed. Prepayment meal packages of 10 or more meals for the month will also be given a 5% per meal discount, but will only be available if ordered directly from the kitchen staff and not the website. Both the pre-approved container and prepaid meal discounts can be combined. However, if a pre-approved container is not available for one or more of the meals pre-ordered due to an issue with the customer not providing it, and the discount was given, the last meal ordered will be suspended and not restored until payment is rendered for $1.00 on the day(s) where no pre-approved container was brought by customer. If this difference in money is not received by 10:00 AM of the day of the last meal ordered that has been suspended, the last meal is forfeited without possibility of a refund. No refunds will be issued for prepaid meals because of a change in schedule of the customer. If the meal cannot be consumed on the day of initial order due to a change in personal plans, then please share it with another family (customer) and that can be worked out between the customer and the other family.

Current Meal Rates (Subject to Change – Effective 5/13/23)

Meal for 2 Adults $19.50

Meal for 3 Adults $26.70

Meal for 4 Adults $32.50

Meal for 5 Adults $38.70

Meal for 6 Adults $45.50  

Entree Salad for 2 Adults $19.50

Entree Salad for 3 Adults $26.70

Entree Salad for 4 Adults $32.50

Entree Salad for 5 Adults $38.70

Entree Salad for 6 Adults $45.50

Multiple meals can be purchased for larger events hosted by customers at the price of $7.30 per Adult portion if over 12 Adults required. Please confirm with the Chef 24 hours before and pay kitchen staff directly for this as this will not be an option on the website. Prices may be changed in the future and will be posted at the kitchen entrance.

Food Policies

These meals are served heated and ready to serve after 4:00 PM and meant to be consumed soon after pick-up, much like take-out from a restaurant. If not serving within one hour of pick-up, please refrigerate. Please ask Chef for rewarming instructions, if needed. TDLD is not responsible for any spoilage or contamination if meal is not consumed within 1 hour of pick-up.

From time to time, food vendors are unable to provide an ingredient ordered in advance. Written notice will be made of the substitution at the kitchen entrance. Due to having multiple food vendors, some of whom can make same day delivery, this occurrence will be rare, however some speciality items just cannot be received on short notice. Sorry, but we cannot supply a refund for these occurrences, but pre-arranged food sensitivity considerations will be maintained despite these rare changes in plans.

This is not a “To-Order” service meaning that the menu must be planned well in advance to make sure the ingredients have arrived in time. The Chef cannot customize the menu for one customer due to the sheer volume of demands on kitchen staff’s time. We apologize for this inconvenience.


Refunds or credits will not be issued for any reason on any meal paid for, this includes multiple meals preordered and same-day orders. If there is an issue with the meal, please discuss with the Chef and every effort will be made to correct the issue in the future.

Receipts will be available via email through our payment system Talech. No paper receipts will be issued as our system is not set up for it. We apologize if this is inconvenient for you.

Go-Home Policy:

Misuse of food or mistreatment of staff is grounds for permanent revocation of right to purchase food in the future solely at TDLD’s discretion. Removal of kitchen or other TDLD property is prohibited. Meals will be available at the front entrance in a warmed cabinet. Any theft of another family’s meal or TDLD’s property will result in discharge from the TDLD Go-Home meals program. No refunds will be issued for pre-paid meals if a customer is discharged from the program or the center, or if a customer decides to leave the TDLD center and has already paid for meals in advance. Please respect that meals will be distributed with the honor policy. All meals will be labeled with name of dish and family name that ordered the meal, so please check carefully.

Thank you for your cooperation.


No refunds are offered for any reason. If a mistake is made by The Doctors Luce Daycare, LLC staff resulting in a meal not being ready on the correct date or the wrong meal being prepared, another meal will be provided to correct the mistake at a future date within the next 14 calendar days a meal of customer’s choosing.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to: